Restaurant Beginnings

“LBS” Famous Lobster & Bacon Sandwich

This month its been 26 years since I enter the restaurant business industry; first time since I came into a great Fajita Factory in Cozumel owned by Ernesto. I lied my way into his place telling him how great I was but he knew better, despite, he  let me start as a bar tender and told the older waiters to teach me before I screw up.

I had watch too many movies and thought I could be Brian Flannagan from Cocktail, I was up for a big surprise. Ernesto’s Fajitas was an established place, always packed, no time for playing around but work your head off. I remembering having nightmares with dirty glasses that I could never have ready enough for service and preparing cocktails at he same time,  waking up sweating, thank god was only a dream. I asked for a barback and he just laughed “just let me know if you can do it or not”. Good times.

I own my place now, its been open for 12 years, started as a Gourmet Store and turn into a restaurant. I always say I didn’t wanted it to happened; I guess I am never meant to leave this job, no matter how many times I tried to leave, I always came back.



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