How to make life easier in Cozumel, Mexico


Arrival into Cozumel:

Step-by-step blog no how to fill out Immigration/Custom Forms

By plane

These airlines fly from their hubs in the US to the island.

Fly into Cancun and do the bag-drag trip via a bus and ferry. 

See my blog on Cancun to Cozumel for step-by-step directions to make an easy trip from Cancun to Cozumel


you can fly from Cancun to Cozumel via MAYAir

Departing the airport:

Shared Van: CozuShuttle

website: (still under construction at the time of writing this)

Cozumel Transportation:

The is also a van service that you book at the booth outside the airport or on-line. The price is based on where you are going. Please note this is a shared service as well. They will not leave until its full with people staying in the area you are heading. The price is per person and based on how far you are going. Here is a website you can look at to get an idea or book your travel.

Taxi: (cheaper and faster )

Cabbies are NOT allowed to pick you up at the airport. So, if you walk outside,  take the sidewalk to your right and follow it out to the main road. Once you are off the airport property, then taxis can pick you up. 

Give them the address or show them your phone with the information on it in case you don’t speak Spanish.   It’s best to have a print out of your destination so you can hand it to them.  Please ask how much it will cost before getting in the taxi. It’s better to know ahead of time and be okay with the price opposed to being surprised by the high rate and not being able to do anything about it cause you got in their car.  They also have a price sheet you can review if you think they are charging you too much. If you don’t like the price then just wait for another taxi to come by and see what their rate is. 

Sounds of Cozumel

 Zeta, Zeta, Zeta Gas- gas delivery guy

Oaxaca Cheese guy – A man saying this loudly “ Queeesssoooo WAAA-HAA-KA”

Clown horn-                bread/pastry guy

whistling-                  knife sharpening guy

Horn honking –         water delivery guy



Pemex is the only gas station on the island, and there are five of them.  Pull up to the pump and stay in your car. They will ask how much you want. If you only want a few hundred pesos, tell them the amount or if you want it full say “lleno” (YAY-NO). Please check the machine to make sure it has zeros across the area that will have the price. Once you verify the pump, the gas station attendants will pump your gas for you. They will also wash your windows, check the oil, and the air in your tires if you ask. There are three gas stations on Juarez; the transversal road, One at the international cruise ship port,  and one in a neighborhood hidden away. 

Please be sure to leave them a tip, a few pesos up to 15 depending on what all they did for you. 


I think one of the most critical pieces of information is that most of the roads are ONE-WAY roads. The street signage is less than desirable on the island. The main roads are usually two-way roads while most of the streets in the neighborhoods are one way. The two-way roads with some exceptions of a few will have a median in the middle of the road. The one-way roads in the north/south direction do NOT have stop signs, and the streets in the east/west directions have a stop-sign at all intersections. The directional signs are usually in the corners at the top of the buildings. If a road doesn’t have a directional sign, please look to see which way the cars are parked or driving down the road to help you in making a right decision. The roads heading north to south are in increments of 2 ’s and the streets running east to west are in increments of 5’s. 

There are so many accidents due to tourist heading down the wrong way of a road.The other thing to look out for are for people not making complete stops at the stop signs. I always slow down when approaching intersections as I have witnessed to many  people in a hurry and thinking they can out race you. 

Scooters are the ones you need to look out for the most. They tend to think they are the only ones on the road. They will ride on the right side of you or try to pass you on the right-side. When needing to make a right-hand turn please make sure to double-check your right side to be sure no scooters have snuck up on you. They weave in and out of traffic and it seems as if the drivers just don’t care how their driving affects others they just know they need to be somewhere ten minutes ago. 

What can you do to help the island and her people:

Bring a backpack full of school supplies; drop off at Paradise beach club for a free entrance. 

If you go to the beach, please bring a few trash bags and pick up the trash on the beach. These bags can be left at the side of the road, and the garbage trucks will pick it up. 

Volunteer at the Humane Society. Some items that can be performed by anyone there is cleaning out their pens, walking the dogs, bathing them, and giving the dogs and cats lots of love. Bring down leashes, collars, dog soap, or a donation. 

Bring items to the only orphanage, Ciudad De Angeles Orphanage, on the island. Find them on Facebook. Volunteer here. 

Bring art supplies to Power Art School. Volunteer here. 


Things to do:

Rent SUP boards or learn to Kite~board

Learn to surf at Cozumel Surf School

Scuba diving


rent a bicycle

wander the streets walking aimlessly

Places of Interest:

Cozumel Pearl Farm

Discover Mexico

San Gervasio Ruins

Chankaanab Beach Park

Punta Sur Eco Park

Island Museum

Tequila Tour

El Cedral

Cozumel Bar Hop

Cozumel Butterfly & Botanical Garden

Hire a boat to tour the island with a stop at El Cielo. 

See my blog on a day to El Cielo

Kun Che

Atlantis Submarine


The one and only LE CHEF (late lunch and dinner)


5ta Av X 3 y 5 sur 380, Centro, 

77600 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R.

987 878-4391

3 pm -11pm 

Famous for their ** Lobster & Bacon Sandwich**

Sautéed Calamari, Shrimp Pizza, Tuna Tare-Tare, Pasta, Fresh Fish, Arrachera, Chicken, Lobster Pizza, or a lobster plate. 

and some of the others


La Choza (Mexican)

Corazon Contento (10th and 2nd Norte) B & L only

Mar y Juana (ocean front)

Jeannie’s Waffle House (ocean front)

Palmeras (ocean front ) 

Rock~N~Java (on main road-best fish tacos, great salads, and healthy other choices)


Guido’s  (fish, meat, pizza, pasta)

Rolandi’s (fish, chicken, beef, pizza, pasta)

The New Especias (Italian) (dinner only )

Ponchos Backyard (Mexican)

Crazy King Burrito (opens at 11 and closes at 6)

El Coctelitos ( on main road past town)

Billy’s BBQ (lunch only )

chicken/ poc-chuc/ ribs and the best salsa on the island

65 Avenida Sur, Independencia

65th and 23rdish – follow the smoke once you are on 65th. It will be on the west side (right hand ) of the road. 

Dive taco shops but delicious

Los Sara’s taco (night-time only) 30th ave northwest corner 

Otates (night-time only) on 15th right before 3rd ave and it will be on your right-hand side. 

Rental Cars

All major rental car agencies are on the island. Reserve online but keep in mind that most prices on the internet are without insurance. However, most will force you to purchase it when renting. 

ISIS  car rental


Ernesto’s Car Rental

Live Music:


Money Bar


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