Punta Sur, Cozumel, Mexico

Today we are heading to Punta Sur. I’ve wanted to come here for a while now. I remember coming here a long time ago when it was just a dirt road that went to a lighthouse. It would cost you about 3 pesos to climb to the top. There were one or two ruins along the way and not much else. If I remember correctly I “think” the lighthouse guardsman would make you a fish dinner if you wanted to eat there.
Today it’s a huge tourist trap, more for the cruise ship folks opposed to the local tourist.

Getting there:
Head south out of town on Melgar which is the main road that goes along the side of the ocean. The drive around the island goes in a circle, so it hard to get lost. Once you meet up with the sea on the eastern side and before you turn left to head north, you will see the turnoff on your right to Punta Sur.FOTO-55-1024x685

Punta Sur:
Open Monday thru Saturday

They will start kicking you out at 330 if you are in the area where all the restaurants/beaches are. They are strict on their times regardless how many people are still there. However, the lighthouse closes at 5 pm.

Adult-$14.00 US. or 252 pesos
Child-$8.00 US or 144 pesos
There are two sections to Punta Sur. The first one you come to will be the lighthouse/museum area. Before going here continue to follow the road to your right before the parking lot. This road will take you another 3 km down a dirt road. This road will lead you to the beach and restaurant area. There is a parking lot at the end of the way. On the north side of the parking lot is the entrance to walk down to the lagoon and the boat tour.

Boat tour of the mangrove and crocodiles:
Free with purchased ticket
36 pesos if you have a resident/local park card (pay at the booth when you came in)

departure: 12:00, 1300, 1400 ( 12, 1, 2 pm)
The boat seats about 25 people only.

Please arrive early for a seat during high peak season and holidays.

The boat is a 30-minute tour of the mangroves, and if you are lucky, you will see some crocodiles. This little tour is worth it for the crocs. It’s a small 25 seater pontoon boat.

We were lucky to have seen three Crocodiles. The papa, mama and a baby.

The Baby croc

There are three restaurants here. Food is beach food and expensive.

The menu at one of the restaurants. The beers were $5.00

The beach is beautiful, and it appeared to be a great snorkeling spot. I witnessed a lot of people out in the ocean enjoying the fantastic snorkeling in this area. However, please note you need a life vest to snorkel here. They had some there, but I didn’t check to see if they are complementary or if you have to rent them. There is also a long stretch of beach you can walk down and to get away from the crowds.

There is one small ruin on your way into the grounds and a couple of lookout towers you can climb up to overlook the lagoon.

One of the few ruins left near the lighthouse

Make sure to stop off at the lighthouse/museum area on your way out. They have great aerial views from the top of the lighthouse. They also have a little store to buy some snacks and a few shopping opportunities.


I’m not sure how I rate this place, but to see the crocs alone and the lighthouse I would say is worth the trip. They also have a little museum that is worth checking out for the skeleton heads of some crocs.


  1. Just curious IF you have any thoughts about a Car Rental from Cancun to Cozumel? The Prices online seem low, does it include Liability Ins. Please?


    1. Hi Maggie,
      It depends on the RC agency. I’ve heard that most force you to purchase additional insurance once you are in their office. The car ferry can be an added expense to get the car to the island. I’d probably just take the bus to PDC and then catch the people ferry to the island. ISIS and Ernesto’s car rental in Cozumel seem to be good options to rent from and I believe insurance is included.


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