Hitting number 67…The Bahama’s


My friend, Stef, called me about three weeks ago and said, boy do I have a deal for you. She and seven others are renting a boat in Nassau and sailing the Exuma islands for seven days. She said that her dad had to back out and had already paid his spot. That if we wanted to go, we would only have to pay part of the provisioning. My first thought was WOW; this is a once in a lifetime trip. My second thought was, I have no clue which charters I will receive so I don’t know if I can go or not. I know what you are thinking, why would I do a charter over this fantastic trip? I guess you can say I love my Honor Flights that much. I told Stef, I’d have to let her know once my charters were assigned and I would have to work on getting my charter days off first and then I could work on getting the week off for the trip. It was maybe two days later that I received my charters for May. I received two Honor Flights, so I’m super excited for them. I called Stef and told her none of my charters were on the week of the trip and that I would start working on my time off. I asked her again what the dates were and she stated Tuesday to Tuesday. WHAT!!! I was sure it was Saturday to Saturday. My first charter is on the Tuesday of our arrival  back into Nassau. I talked it over with Lalo, and he was excited about this trip. I got my charters and my trip covered in no time. Now, we have to figure out where to get off the boat for me to make it back to the states to do my charter. I used to go with the flow with non-reving, but the older I get the worse I’ve become. I am a worry wart nowadays. I want to stay on for day five cause they will be on Staniel Cay which is the island of the pigs. It would still give us two days to get back to the states but if we stay on it would have cost us an additional 420 dollars. I didn’t think spending that kind of money to swim with pigs and to take a 30-minute flight was worth it. That to me is a trip to Iceland or more adventure in Colombia. I know, I’m crazy after having this trip dropped into our laps. We did just get married and have a big trip scheduled later this year. I thought it over but couldn’t justify the cost. We will fly to Miami and spend two nights there and enjoy some alone time before we both head back to our little worlds. I will start doing some research on the other islands and see where there is an airport we can get off at and fly out of there. I found one in Georgetown; this was only 15 minutes from Stocking Cay. We can get off the boat on Saturday morning and catch the flight Saturday afternoon back to Miami. It has lots of empty seats on it. This is the perfect spot to get off!!!

I just got home from two back to back charters out of Chicago. I have two days off before I leave on Sunday morning. I’m not sure why but I felt I needed to pick up hours on my two days off before my departure again for 1 1/2 weeks. I picked up Friday which worked out since I had paperwork to do for my past two charters. It was an easy day, and I got all I needed to do. When I got home, I was on the fence about whether to work Saturday morning or not. It was about 5 minutes before the deadline to pick up a shift, and I went for it. Its only from 415 am to 845 am. What could I possibly get done that early? I’m sure I will be up anyways since I need to be up by 5 to check in for my flight. I went out Friday night with a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. We had a lovely dinner, and I had two glasses of wine. When my alarm went off at 3 am I knew this was a bad idea. I wasn’t hung over, but I wasn’t ready to get up. I made it into work and was placed on a flight immediately. I had to check in for my trip the next morning at 459 am so I was happy with the position I had since I’d be able to check-in with no issues. I got checked in and was the first on the standby list. Next up was checking Lalo in at 6 am for his flight out of Cancun. I advised my partner I’d be walking away for a few minutes to check my husband on the standby list. I took some bags down the jetway to send down the shoot to go under the plane right before I needed to check him in. When I went to check him in, I got an error message. WTH! I panicked and kept trying. Nothing was working, I went to the podium and had to help several people. I tried for almost an hour and nothing. My supervisor came up, and he attempted and still nothing. I had 30 minutes before I had to meet my arrival and went to an actual computer and still NADA. I called our ticket counter to see if they could see why it wouldn’t work and we all again came up empty-handed. I met my flight and then headed to the ticket counter to try to get help. Another 45 minutes and still nothing. I asked Lalo to head to the Cozumel airport to see if they could assist him. They had it done in less than 5 minutes. URGH! I’m still not sure what the issue was, but I’m glad he is finally checked in. It will be one less thing to stress even though I just spent the last 3 hours stressing about it and I have plenty other things to worry about.

I have lots to do at home before I leave and the thought occurred to me to jump on the 3 pm flight to Charlotte because my morning flight wasn’t looking so good. I didn’t want to leave that early because then I’d have to spend money on a hotel. Later on, I checked that flight, and it went out with empty seats, and I knew I’d just made a mistake. I’m not obsessing and stressing, okay well maybe a little. Those two together is not a good mixture. I started searching for other ways to get to Charlotte. The 11 pm flight already had eight standbys, and only two seats and the 1 am trip had 11 open seats and 14 standbys that would have been ahead of me. The 5 am still has two seats, and I’m the first standby, but so many people can miss these late night flights. I saw a trip through Tucson with a connection to Charlotte. I decided this was the route I needed to go so I wouldn’t stress. The downfall was I’d have to sit 7 hours in Charlotte. I decided I had time to attend mass and then went home and grabbed my belongings. There is a later flight I could catch to Tucson, but I would still be stressing whether or not it would depart on time. I just bit the bullet and went to grab the 830 pm flight and have a 2-hour layover there. There was nothing open in Tucson, and the airport was extraordinarily dull and uncomfortable. The only good news out of this was I received FC to Charlotte.



I crashed immediately on the flight and was surprised I slept the whole way to Charlotte. We landed at 6 am, and I headed to the Minute Suites. They wanted over $250 for a 6-hour stay. Uh, no thanks!


I found a quiet area on the mezzanine level and plopped down to sleep. The floor had carpet on it, but the coldness came right through it. I must have dozed off because I woke up at 8 am. I tried sleeping some more but it wasn’t working so I got up and made my way to the bagel shop. I still have 4 hours to go, so I started to write and then went to Starbucks. One of my fellow charter coordinators came down, and we shot the breeze.


I headed off to freshen up and then met Stef and Erik at their gate, next thing we are back in the Starbucks line and Lalo was at the security checkpoint already. We waited on him and then made our way to the gate. We are now all together and ready to head off on our adventure.


Lalo and I got seats together. I’m super excited. I have no clue what all is in store and its the first time I am just going with the flow. This is their trip, and we are just blessed to have invited to come along. It’s only about a two-hour flight, and we will be landing in Nassau.

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