Nassau day one/two



IMG_2707I’m super excited to see what this little gem has in store for us. We landed to beautiful sunny skies overhead. The island to me looked like any other island city we were flying into. I almost forgot we had to go through customs and immigration when we landed in Nassau. The first line we came to was Immigrations. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much staff there to process all the folks standing in front. There were two different lines and of course we all jumped into the slow one. We finally jumped lines as the other one seemed to be moving much faster. Immigration was the norm ,where are you going? Where are you staying? Etc. Our friends were being asked more questions by the immigration officer, so we high tailed it out of there in case they wanted to question us more. Lol! Because it took so long at immigration, our bags were all waiting for us. Patty and Ron had arrived about 2 hours prior to us and were waiting on us so we can all catch a shuttle together. We have six people and about 13 bags to fit into a van. The ride was about 45 minutes from the airport to the house we were staying. The island isn’t very big but we were staying at a house on the opposite side of the island from the airport. Our driver took us on a little tour through the central touristy area. What I noticed quickly were the wooden buildings. The wooden buildings surprised me as they are an island and in the middle of the ocean where tons of hurricanes occur. We live in Cozumel and all the homes there are made out of brick. I can’t imagine what Cozumel would have looked like after Wilma hit in 2005 if the buildings were made of wood. It looked like a war zone as it was with everything being brick. I loved the colorful buildings and the bohemian style it had to it all. We finally arrived at our little home for two nights in a residential area. It was cute and had some charm to it. One of the owners of the house Sunny came to meet us. Their daughter, need name, is the one who just picked us up at the airport. It was a lovely 3 bedroom home with a pull-out couch in the larger room. The bonus was there was a washer and dryer so we can at least wash our clothes that most of us have been in for 24hrs. We met our other travelers Ron & Bev. They had gotten there earlier in the day and had gone out to by some snacks for us all. We had a nice spread of cheeses, salamis, crackers, olives and other yummy items. He also had bought a 24 pack of beer at $68.00 US. Hmmm, I may not be drinking on this trip. I certainly can’t drink that much beer.

Our little house for 2 nights
IMG_2684 3
The Moon rising

After we had a beer or two Stef and I took a little walk through the neighborhood while the others decided on what to do for dinner. I guess we are going to head out for dinner and saw a place to check out called the Poop Deck on our way to the house. The owners requested a driver for us, and this HUGE bus pulls up. There are only 6 of us going, and we certainly don’t need this bus. We went to get in when Stef asked how much it was. I just assumed the price was negotiated with the owners before him arriving. He wanted $ 150 US to take us.

IMG_2686 4
What showed up to take the 6 of us to dinner at the Poop Deck


I think, what I had just eaten will be enough for my dinner for that price. The group somehow talked him down to $80 US and off we went. I still thought this was highway robbery, but we just went with it. It took us 13 minutes to get to the restaurant. He just made a fortune on us poor tourist. The Poop Deck was right on the water. It was an old wooden building that serves mostly fish. It wasn’t fancy by any means, but the prices of the food would fool you on that. Most dishes were between $25-$40 US. We had a lovely dinner and then the $200 bill came. Lol! The meal was pleasant but nothing too exciting to want to go again. We had the Conch Chowder, which I don’t think I will recommend and the lobster linguine which was good but not to die for.

IMG_2694I sent Richey, the driver, a text to let him know we were ready to head back to the house. I’m exhausted and ready for bed. It was a long day for all of us and we are ready to call it a day.

Today is Sunday. The guys were heading out to check on the boat while the ladies were going shopping for all the food for our journey on the ship. The grocery store was really close. The 4 ladies decided to walk to it. I’m assuming it will take us a couple of hours at least to figure out what all we wanted. Right before we left on the adventure, I was researching the Bahamas and saw how expensive items were and that you can bring “just” about anything you want into the island. I decided I would grab my duffel bag and fill it all up with items to take on the boat. I have a pantry of things just sitting there, and they need to be eaten. I decided on Mexican and Italian night. I packed up all my ingredients to make my homemade gravy including the seasonings. I also brought taco seasoning, had Lalo grab some homemade tortillas in Cozumel, jalapeno, refried beans, enchilada sauce, tea, Bisquick, syrup, Triscuits, trash bags, aluminum foil, granola bars, and olive oil.

It was effortless for us to do because I get to check two bags for free. We should have planned better, and I could have brought a whole other suitcase filled as well. My suggestion is to bring as much as you can under 50 lbs and even if you had to pay for your bag at $25.00 it would still be cheaper in the long run. If you can live without it for a week choose to do that, I lived without Dr. Pepper since it was 6.73 cent for 6 cans.

We weren’t at the grocery store very long when the four men showed up. I guess the company that had the boat moved locations and didn’t bother to let us know. I think I overheard Ron say they booked this place because it was close to the marina. Now the boat is in another marina clear across town on Paradise Island. We finished up our shopping and loaded up the van. The total cost without alcohol was a little over $500 US. Yikes! When you break it down, it’s not that bad, but still, it seems a lot for such little food. The young ones all walked home. I think we are the lucky ones as we won’t have to put all the stuff away. Lol! They still had to go to the boat, and Stef asked if it was necessary for us all to go? R & R said no, so we researched the bus schedule and asked Sunny where to grab it. He said, don’t take the bus I will drop you off. The 6 of us piled in the van and off we went. He did another little driving tour and dropped us at the place we wanted to have lunch. I was expecting this to be different from it was. Sunny recommended Frankie’s Gone Bananas, and we just went with it.


It’s another gorgeous day out. The sun is shining, and it’s not too windy. They keep saying this will change tomorrow. I think there is no way, it is too nice to change for the worst. We ordered our lunch and grabbed a beer. I mean we are on vacation at this point. It wasn’t the place we really wanted to eat at. I’d be happy sitting on a boardwalk somewhere chowing down on our food. I guess this is our fault for not checking out other places before just going to the first one we came to. The food was ok, just a lot of fried Conch.

We finished up lunch and decided to go and explore while we still had a few hours to kill. Patty stated she didn’t want to walk in the sand, but there was a sidewalk next to the sand we descended on. We weren’t on the sidewalk but a few minutes when Patty’s foot hit a rock, and she went face first planted on the ground. It was in slow motion, but there was absolutely nothing I good do to react quick enough to grab her. She put her arms out to catch herself before falling, but it slightly slowed her down. I just heard a massive thump as I saw her chin hit the pavement. I’m thinking she must have cracked her chin from the sound of it. We all rushed over. She is bleeding. We think maybe she bit her tongue but we checked, and it was fine. Her wrist didn’t hurt, so that’s good. We fixed her up the best we could and made our way back to Frankies. They gave us some ice, a band-aid, and some paper towels to clean up the blood. It’s a good thing we have nurse Stefanie with us. She seemed like she will be fine but maybe a little sore tomorrow from the fall. I was thinking it wasn’t going to be a good outcome by the fall and the loud thump. I’m so thankful she is okay. I don’t even want to think of the worst scenario. Patty seemed to be ok so we headed back out. This time we took a different path towards the place we originally intended to go.

We walked past Junco Beach and the crazies having fun drinking and enjoying life here. We are in the shopping area and wandered through some of the shops. The items were the same items in every city and every nation that sells junk. It just had a different name on it. I did see a wooden lobster I really liked, but he wanted $80 for it and went down to $25. I still didn’t buy it to despise him for trying to rip someone off that much.


IMG_2719I was ready for my Starbucks, and we found a beautiful park to leave Patty and Bev while the 4 of us went in search of it. Stef saw a store she wanted to go in. It was a Havaianas store. They were closing their doors, so everything was $10.00 for these flip-flops. All of us but Lalo found our size and grabbed a pair. We even bought one for his daughter. At this price how could you pass it up? I’m now super happy with my Starbucks drink. I know, I know, there are better drinks out there, but, I love MY drink!!!


We made our way back to the ladies and walked to where we thought our bus was. We waited for about 5 minutes when Erik started to converse with someone, and she said we were in the wrong place. She said she would take us and actually did. She went way above and beyond to help some complete strangers. We were all so grateful to her for assisting us. We got on the bus paid our dues and hoped for the best. We weren’t sure where we were going, but I informed the driver of the area we thought we needed to go. We were on the loudest bus ever. The driver had the music so loud that the bus was actually vibrating. The bus fits maybe 30 people but at times there were a lot more than that. The driver could care less about anyone on the bus but himself. There was a TV screen next to him with a movie starring Denzil Washington on it. The people just kept to themselves. I observed the men getting up for the ladies and children. The aisle had a foldable seat in the middle to add an additional 5 seats. If someone in the back needed to get out they would all stand up fold the chair and move out-of-the-way. We were on here for a good hour. There was an older lady in the back row with Lalo and me who kept yelling at the driver to turn the music down. She then proceeded to yell at the young kid with his drawers halfway down to his knees to pull up his pants. I wanted to ask the driver the same thing but I knew my request would not have been accepted any more than hers. The driver and the kid just ignored the lady while I laughed in silence. I would have to say this trip on the bus was the highlight of our day in Nassau. I love getting into the nitty-gritty of the towns and seeing what the people of the country experience. This was definitely one of those experiences we’d talk about for a while. lol! The driver tried dropping us off somewhere that we didn’t recognize. We told him it wasn’t the right spot and we continued on. We finally saw the church near our house and we asked him to let us off there. We had about a 3/4 mile walk home and we all just laughed about our great ride on the crazy bus. Sometimes we saw people pay sometimes we didn’t. There were no rules on the bus it seemed or any real stops. They just kinda called out when they needed the bus to stop.


We are now safe n sound at home and getting things organized for our departure tomorrow. We all decided to walk to a little restaurant by the house but we had to cross a “major” road. This didn’t sit well with me but we all made it back and forth. It took some a little while longer and while I was running I felt like the game Frogger. I even had the sound ringing in my head as I ran across. We wanted to eat at the Chicken in a box place but they didn’t have any tables. It was just a grab n go place. Our next option was the pizza place. None of us wanted pizza but there weren’t many other choices. The pizza place was actually pretty good. We made our way back across the road and are now packing up our belonging to begin our journey on the boat tomorrow. The weather is calling for extremely windy conditions and rain. Let’s hope and pray this isn’t going to happen.

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