How we chose Colombia


We were in Peru about two years ago enjoying a fantastic hike on the Salkantay Trail when we were talking about where our next journey should be. We all agreed on Colombia for the following summer. Stef realized shortly after that her year was already booked at that time because she was spending time in Hawaii for her 50th birthday celebration. Krista and I decided we’d hold off for another year in order to go with Stef. Krista and I chose Bolivia last year, which was a whole other story. We had plenty of time to plan this trip but it seemed like we could never quite figure it out. Everyone wanted to do different things but the one thing was the Coffee Plantations. Stef and I met once or twice and picked a few places of interest to visit and things to do. We continued planning and decided on Rio Claro and also Jardín. Krista has a friend who is from Colombia and said we could stay at his farm or apartment in Medellin. Having a residence in the city or a farm sounded great, but we realized we’d spend way too much time on our day trips having to come back to Medellin to head back out the following day. Stef wanted to go to Rio Claro, me I didn’t have any “must do’s” while coming here. I just wanted another adventure and another country to cross off my list. I did see a little town, Jardín, that sounded wonderful, and Stef and I thought it would be great to go there. Krista didn’t have too much to say about the trip because she was so busy with her life and being a teacher and all the in-between things of our lives. It was getting closer when she chimed in about a town that her friend Freddy told her about called Guatape’. I looked it up and sent the info to Stef and we both thought it would be a great place to head. We were still going to stay one night in Medellin and at Freddy’s Farm, but it kind of seemed silly to stay there if it was for only one night. Stef bought her and Sydney’s tickets, so there was no way anyone or especially me could back out at this point. We researched the best way to get to the places we wanted to go and it seemed like there were 3 options, bus, rental car, or to hire a driver. Stef and I wanted to rent a car and do it ourselves. I knew Krista would NOT want anything to do with this nonsense. I asked Stef to email her to suggest it cause if I did she’d say no. Lol! I, however, did some searching for drivers and most wanted $600US for the three days. WTH! It’s a bloody 4-hour drive for Pete-sakes. Stef and I wanted to book the car for $250 US and just not tell her. If she doesn’t know and we just do it, she’d have to go along. Lol! Stef has to pay double for everything we do since she is bringing her niece Sydney on our trip for her high school graduation gift. We both looked and there were lots of different views from different travelers on driving in Colombia and doing it ourselves. I finally asked Krista in a way that was half joking with the rates to see her reaction. I knew she’d want nothing to do with the rental car. I broke down and found a driver on FB. I can only hope he is legit and he isn’t going to kidnap us and sell us on the black market. I will be asking for his ID before we take off and sending it to my husband. Lol! I think we are all set for the most part. It’s coming up quickly. I think we should start looking for lodging, so we have places to sleep. It’s just the minor details  we need to figure out.

city of med

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