Chankanaab Adventure Beach Park

Spend a great day at this beautiful park and explore the grounds that has culture, tradition, history, floral, activities, sea life, adventure and tons of fun all wrapped up in one place. Relax on the beach while the waiters bring you whatever drink you want and food, you don’t ever have to get up if you don’t want to. Just relax and let the beauty of the ocean filter your mind.

Admission: Adults $21US or $378 mxn
Children 4-12 yrs $14US or $252 mxn
Open: Monday-Saturday 0800-1600 (8am-4pm) Closed Sundays
Parking: free
Address: Carretera Costera Sur Km. 9, Zona Hotelera sur
Getting there: Take the main road (Melgar) south and follow the road for approximately 20 minutes. Follow signs to Chankanaab Park. It will be on your right-hand side. Go down a small road into the entrance of the park.
Book online for discounts and specials

Main Attractions:IMG_0123

don’t miss the show
How you do’n!!!!

IMG_0117 2

Sea Lion Show
Showtimes: 1030, 1230, 1430 (all shows in both English & Spanish)
Entrance fee: free with park admission

This 15-minute show is both educational and cute all in one. If you are in the park, you definitely want to attend this free show. They will teach you the difference between the Sea Lion and a Seal. They also interact with the Sea Lion and shows you their cute personality and how easily it is to train them. Sit in the first row of the stage to get up and close to them when the Sea Lion come to show you different parts of their bodies during the show.

Stay after the show to get a kiss from one of the stars of the show. (note: they have the participants turn their backs to the stage so you can’t take free pics of them while this is going on. It’s still worth the kiss on the cheek even if you don’t purchase their photo of the once in a lifetime experience)

Crocodile Exhibition

Located behind the lagoon on the far right-hand side. There are two pens. One with two massive crocs and another pin with four much smaller ones. The cages are rather small for these critters, but it gives you a great close and personal proximity to them. Please do NOT attempt to place your camera inside the cage or poke them with any sticks. Check out the over head suspension bridges that you can walk on over the croc pens. Hope they don’t break! Yikes!

Dolphin Discovery

Check out the link below for discount and promotion (book ahead of time to save money) Several different packages ranging from $50-$200 per experience. Please contact the website for the rates for what you are wanting.
Telephone: Toll Free USA : 1 855 203 9863 CAN: 1 855 882 6470


Sore high above the ground on this 4-7 line adventure. The tallest tower is 82″ and experience walking over a suspension bridge high above the crocodile enclosures.
Price: $70.00 (includes)
Entrance to the Park
4 zip lines tours
Flying Time: 20 minutes
The minimum age of six years old.
The minimum weight is 45 lbs to a maximum weight is 250 lbs.
discounts online:

Xtrem Kids
Price: $65.00 (included in the price)
Entrance to the Park
Rock climbing wall
Walk over two suspension bridges over the crocodile pens
Two zip lines and three towers
Use of snorkel gear
Book online for discounts:

Mayan Laser Tag
Price; $64.00 (Included in price)
Entrance to park
Two rounds Of Laser Tag
Playing Time: Approximately 45 minutes to 1-hour.
Book online for discounts:

Snorkel Gear Rental


Mask, snorkel, fins, and life-vest – $15 US or $255 mxn.

Snuba- $60US or $1020 mxn. (mask and fin all in one piece-covers whole face)

Sea Trek- $80US or $1360 mxn
Have you ever wanted to walk underwater or see what life looks like down there without having to scuba dive or even getting your hair wet? One of the most relaxed and most comfortable ways to explore underwater is right here at Chankanaab. It’s not scuba diving, but with the new invention of a special helmet that sits on your shoulders with a continuous flow of air lets, you breathe as if you were above water. Heading down only 20-25 feet below the surface you will have a professionally trained staff member who will be with you all the way to guide you.
Don’t miss this great adventure!

Must have an ID for deposit
(peso exchange rate at the time of writing this $17 mxn to $1 US)

Other activities ( $ indicates charge)

This Starbucks you can add a shot to your favorite drink.


Way cute cups!

Swimming pool
Children’s playground
Have lunch at one of their many restaurants $
Get a Starbucks with one of their unique ingredients (alcohol) $
Take a siesta on one of the many hammocks
Rent your own little cabana for the day &
Tequilla tasting

Walk along the paths to see different replica statues from around Mexico

Walk through the tropical garden

Mayan Hut
Shopping (lots of little shops)
Kayak Rentals $
Temazcal $
Snorkeling to underwater sculptures (bring own snorkel gear ) $
Fish Spa $
Massage (2 x 1 prices and also single prices) $
Sea Lion Encounter $
Manatee Encounter $

Rental Lockers $
Lounge chairs
easy access to the ocean

What to bring:
lotion (eco-friendly if possible)

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