Barefoot Massage by Amethyst (Cozumel, Mexico)


When I first heard about barefoot massage many years ago, it sounded weird to me. However, I’m in a new stage of my life where I love massages and decided to give it a whirl.

It was 14 yrs ago when Sally (Amethyst to friends and family) decided to take a new path in life. She attended the San Francisco School of Massage for massage therapy certification and Deep Feet Bar Therapy in Denver, Colorado, to train with the founder of this modality. From there, she began her new adventure as a massage therapist. It was clear that the Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage was something special. She was hooked from the very start, and while she continued to offer the classic Swedish and Deep Tissue massages for many years, she is now solely focused on the Barefoot massage and energy work, which she has offered for even longer than massage.

If you want a unique but fantastic massage, my vote is on Amethyst. She does the massages out of her casita in downtown Cozumel. Relax in her quaint, air-conditioned little place with its peaceful surroundings and soft music.

sally's room

We began my session with Amethyst asking questions and getting to know my health history. She explained that there are some conditions under which massage is contraindicated, so it is important for the massage therapist to know their client before they begin.

She will leave the room for you to change and there is a little bell you ring to let her know you are all set on the table. Then your hour begins.

I couldn’t tell that she was actually using her feet and not her hands. She utilized her body weight to adjust the pressure of the massage, with the client’s preference being the priority. I wanted the full-on deep tissue massage. Amethyst holds on to parallel bars connected to the ceiling above the table for balance and controls how much weight and pressure she applies by shifting her weight. For a lighter massage, one foot remains on the table and absorbs most of her weight. For a deep massage, her weight is shifted to the foot applying pressure to her client. And for a very deep massage, both feet are massaging the client at the same time. The client is always in charge of the pressure and is encouraged to speak up if it is too deep or too light.

sally's bar

While in Cozumel give Amethyst a call and set up an appointment so you too can enjoy this new-wave of providing a massage. Relax as her feet work out the knots and stress in your body, to help make your vacation more relaxing.

Her energy is peaceful and her massages memorable. Amethyst is not only a certified massage therapist but is a complete professional.

Happy Feet equals Happy Back!

Please contact Amethyst at or email at

Hours 9am-7pm, By Appointment Only!

phone: 878-4662

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