Bridal Veil Falls, Raglan, New Zealand

Information on the Bridal Veil Falls

Parking: at the top of the trailhead (free)
Time to viewing platform: 10 minutes to the top lookout from the car-park
To the bottom: 20-25 minutes one-way
Viewing platforms: 2 from the top and 2 from the steps
Difficulty: easy to the viewing platforms and then lots of steps down to the falls and back up. (need to be okay with steps)
Trail conditions: Although it would be quite bumpy it seems the beginning of the track would be accessible for wheelchairs only if the grounds are not muddy or its raining.
Shoes: walking shoes but flip-flops are okay depending on the weather and last rainfall.
Getting there: The falls are signposted from State Highway 23 on your way to Raglan. I also typed Bridal Veil Falls on my GPS, and it brought it right up.

Please Note: Bring a raincoat or umbrella just in case it decides to rain on you during your hike.
There are restrooms at the beginning of the trail near the parking lot.

Its a 30-minute car ride from Hamilton along with a very beautiful, winding, and peaceful rode. Its a great stop off as you make your way to the beach town of Raglan which is about 15-minutes from the falls. And you will come across this spectacular 55-meter-high Bridal Veil Falls.

More information can be found:

The Bridal Veil Falls walk is an easy 10-15-minute walk from the car-park through the native bush of New Zealand, it also follows the Pakoka River for part of the trail. The amount of beauty here is unbelievable. You will hear the waters rushing down this spectacular 55-meter-high Bridal Falls; also known as Wairēinga Falls. There are lots of birds, and you may even have a fantail bird hanging out with you. We never saw a Tui here, but we certainly heard them singing during our hike. There are two viewing platforms at the top of the falls, both are worth a stop as they provide stunning view and photo opportunities from slightly different angles.

Looking down to the base of the waterfall, you will see an atmosphere of beauty. The water formations on the walls of the falls are beautiful.

IF you want a little more exercise:

Continue to your right, and you will come across a steep set of steps that lead you down to the bottom of the falls. This will give you a much better view straight on. It states no swimming below the falls however while we were there, someone didn’t see the warning signs and took a plunge into the pond.

Once you are done viewing this just turn around and head back up those 261 steps, uphill. 

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