Redwoods Treewalk Rotorua, New Zealand

Opens: 9am -sunset
Nightlight: sunset to late

             Daytime          Nightlight                       Combo
Adult –     $29                   $29                                   $39
Child-       $19                   $19                                  $29
Under 5 -Free /Combo ticket is day and nightlight tours

Family (1 adult and up to 3 children ) $59 Nightlight-$59 Combo $79
Family ( 2 adults and up to 3 children) $79 $79 $99

Redwoods I-Site & Visitor Center
Long Mile Road, Rotorua
Number: +64 7 350 0110

Quick story behind this:
There was a tourist hiking through this area who was an engineer from Germany. He has done several of these suspension bridge hikes in Germany, and when he saw this spot, he knew this would be an excellent place for these as well. After convincing his wife to move to New Zealand and 6 years later we have what we call a new tourist destination.

Walk high above the Redwood trees of Rotorua. This quirky sounding trek is actually a lot of fun. The first step is the hardest and scariest until you get used to walking above the ground with just cables, wood, and straps holding you up. The maze takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how much you stop to smell the pines and take photos.

There is a section that will allow you to ascend a little bit higher. If you want to ascend higher, you will eventually come to a place where you will need to make a decision to go right or left. If you go directly to the metal steps to your right and get a little higher. Just the sound of the birds chirping makes this journey a very relaxing and fun adventure. Also, play a little game with the family and see who can spot a fantail, Tui, or Silvereye to name a few.

The height of the walkway goes from 6-20 meters high. There are 23 suspension bridges with the longest being 37meters. There are 22 platforms for standing and viewing. Only 20 people are allowed to be on the platforms at a time and 8 people on the bridges. The trees were planted over 117 years ago however this place has only been opened since 2015.

I would “not” skip this little adventure and have some fun as you walk above the Redwoods and the forest below.

There are plenty of well-marked hiking trails here with different lengths. Just pick a color and a trek and head out. They are from easy to low fitness levels. There are even a few trails for those in WCHRS in the dry seasons. I noticed about 7 different well-marked tracks for all levels.

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