How one’s actions may change others lives…….

To the semi-driver in Bastrop, Texas on November 10th, 2019 driving down Hwy 21 east.

I’ve never thought about how my actions could affect another person’s life. We do things sometimes knowing what we’ve done and other times having no clue what mess or disaster we left behind by our actions.
I want to tell you a story, Mr. Wanna-be-funny-malicious truck driver. I bet you don’t even know what you caused when you chose selfishly to blow your loud horn by three horseback riders. I hope your intent wasn’t malicious by any means. What you did was inexcusable! Do you know anything about horses? One would think the horses are used to the sounding of horns, the cars driving down the road, and other sounds associated with day to day living. However, horses can still be spooked easily. This was the case when a mother and her two daughters were heading out on a horse ride last Sunday afternoon. They had just left their house and were riding next to the road to begin their journey. This was when you came barreling down the highway blowing your horn continuously. The horse my sister-n-law was riding started to rare and buck with her on it, maybe you didn’t see this, but as this was happening, you continued to blow your horn. The horse eventually threw my sister-n-law to the ground. She couldn’t get up fast enough to try to grab her horse as she darted off. She wasn’t in his right mind as she was so freaked out she took off running. We were hoping she would have run back towards her home, but instead, she lost her bearings and darted into the busy highway. Not only were my nieces freaked out as their mom lay on the ground, but now they are witnessing their beloved horse’s life about to end. Have you ever fallen off a horse? It’s a long way down, and you end up landing on rocks and boulders.

It usually knocks the wind out of you, and you are stunned by trying to understand what all happened. As the horse was now free of its rider, she darted and ran into the side of a moving truck pulling a horse trailer. Yes, Ricochet hit the side of the horse trailer. When she hit it, her legs got pulled underneath of it. After the vehicle stopped, Ricochet’s two front legs were amputated. Can you imagine seeing something you loved and raised lying on the ground? There are no other options when it comes to horses and broken/amputeted legs- I hope you know where I’m going with this. I guess it’s a blessing my sister-n-law actually got thrown from her horse cause had she stayed on, we wouldn’t want to know the outcome of that. BTW, Mr truck driver, originally my eldest niece, was going to ride Ricochet today. But, as they were about to leave the yard, my sister-n-law thought that she should/ ride her instead. I’m thankful for this cause she is more experienced and who knows again how the outcome would have turned out had my niece been on her. Sometimes, we have no idea why we make decisions, but today, I am happy that my sister-n-law listened to her gut. I know why her gut told her this now. Can you explain why your mind told you it was a smart idea to blow your horn continuously?

I still wonder what was going through your mind when you did this selfish act. One of my nieces is only 13 and the other 18. Can you imagine the fear of watching their mom’s horse begin acting as it did, then seeing their mom thrown to the ground? But wait, Mister, it gets even better. They have to live with all the images for the rest of their life. And you get to go on possibly never knowing how your actions caused damage and pain to another. We should all be thankful the horse hit the side of the trailer. I can’t imagine how this story would have turned out had she actually ran in front of the truck. Can you imagine living with possibly harming or killing additional innocent people just because you chose to blow your semi’s horn? The story doesn’t end here as it gets even worse. The horse is suffering, and no one can get there quick enough to help. My sister-n-law, after being thrown and witnessing all of this, now has to hold her horse down to the ground because the horse is freaking out. There is no way to talk to the horse to help her understand what all transpired. Her brain is still trying to comprehend all of this. The horse is in shock now and is thrashing; she is trying to figure out how to get up. My youngest niece is hysterical, and the other two horses who witnessed all the commotion are also shaken up. One thing about horses is they can sense the riders’ fear or anxiety and can respond accordingly. My oldest niece got my younger niece off her horse and tried calming her sister and the two horses down. She walked the horses and her sister back to their home.

Guess what she had to do now? Are you still happy with yourself? This horrible story has been a good lesson for me, and I hope all of you that are reading this. Our actions really do have consequences for others. I want to find you and place harm on you cause that is what we all want, but in reality, I could never do that cause that is not who I am or how I was raised. What I want you to know is what your actions did to others. I also want you to hear the outcome of my story just because of your actions of merely blowing your horn at riders. I hope to save others from this same nightmare you placed upon my family. The entire road is a mess now, and traffic is backed-up. So, your actions have now affected the 100s of others who happened to be on this stretch of the road. Are you still patting yourself on the back because of your actions?

Have you guessed yet? My niece had to get her mom’s pistol and take it to her mom. My sister-n-law is still trying to hold this 4-ton horse to the ground and calm her down. She knows what is next, but poor Ricochet has no clue about all that has transpired. My sister-n-law needs to hold her horse down, so this now leaves my 18 yr old niece to put a bullet into her 10 yr old horse’s head. The same horse she watched being born and helped raise. Can you imagine this child having to do this? The horse is suffering; she has no front legs; you gave them no choice cause of your silly actions. This horse, Ricochet, was actually born on their property ten years ago. This horse is their pet and something these two young girls grew up riding. Unfortunately, the first bullet didn’t do its job, so she had to do it the second time and watch her horse take her last breath.

Ricochet is now gone. My sister-n-law has bruises all over her body and is in pain. They will all have nightmares of this horrible day. My nieces are traumatized, my sister-n-law had to do the unthinkable, my niece had to shoot her own horse twice, and who knows how the people feel whose trailer she hit feel. They, too, were just innocently caught up in this story because of your actions. I’m sure you are in Georgia right now, not caring what mess you left behind or having any clue what you created by just blowing a horn.

The police report was filed. But now guess what ? My sister-n- law is responsible for the damage her horse caused to the vehicle she ran into. Yep, you created all this and took off maybe not knowing or cowardly knowing and she loses her horse , has to live with the visions of all of this and you are scott free. If we added up all the expenses of the horse for 10 yrs, it probably cost them $24,000 dollars. Wow, you really did it today. Let’s add this all up–Injured a rider, damaged a vehicle , traumatized two young girls , inconvenienced 100s or folks, possibly traumatized people in the truck , and killed a horse all because you “HONKED YOUR HORN.” Who would know the consequences from such a selfish act!!!

One thing we know is no matter how well behaved and trained a horse is, in the end, they are still a wild beast. I beg of any of you reading this to please never blow your horn at anyone on a horse.

I hope to find this person. For what reason, I don’t know. Maybe to educate him or perhaps with hopes he has remorse and can do the bravest thing by apologizing to this family for his actions. I know someone saw the semi-truck or heard him leaning on his horn. If he saw what he did, I’m sure by now he has told others. I hope those others find it in their hearts to turn him in.

If anyone is still reading this, I hope that you to have learned to pay more attention in life. That by making individual decisions, no matter what, it may have a significant impact on someone whose path you may have crossed. Never honk at anyone on a horse. Please remember always to stay alert, and the most important thing is to be responsible for your own actions. Why have we lost common sense in our world? I can only pray for my family and the person who did this and continue to hope his intentions were not evil. Maybe he still has no clue what his actions placed on a lot of innocent lives, not to mention the death of a horse.

I hope my story will encourage all of us to be more aware of our actions and own up to the consequences of our actions that cause harm or death to others. Thank you all for reading my story, and may nothing so horrific ever cross any of your lives.

RIP Ricochet!

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