Meet Teresa

Everyone has a turning point, and for me this moment is now.  I’ve traveled the world, 61 is my count and already in store there are 62 and 63.  Its been years that I planned to write a blog, to share with everybody the beauty I’ve seen and what I’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, sometimes easier thanks to the vagabonds, that wandered this planet before me.  My name is Teresa, Chicago born, Arizona raised.

I was one year out of high school stuck in a town that I didn’t like, and I felt if I didn’t get out of there I would end up on a path to nowhere. I remember that moment when I had a thought that I can keep on going with these destructive ways or I could take the road to the right and see where that leads me.

It was the summer of 1987, and while looking for a job, I came across an ad for an airline called America West in their reservations department. I applied, got hired and this is where my story begins. I wasn’t much into traveling, but after visiting Mexico, something changed. My first solo trip was to Cozumel, Mexico in 1995. It was a place I often went to with my boyfriend at the time. After a few trips alone I began to meet friends, and my scuba instructor became a fast friend. He introduced me to his girlfriend Colleen, and we became really good friends in a short amount of time. Carlos said to me that I was invited to come and stay with them anytime. I advised him later that he should “never” tell an airline employee that. I began to travel to Cozumel more frequently, and in the process, I fell in love with the island. I felt safe there, and it was a vibe on the island that kept pulling me back. It was on a trip there for six weeks that I met a girl from Sweden. We became friends, and she invited me to her home country. That October of 1996 I took that leap of faith and headed towards Scandinavia. I was only going to go to Sweden, but I said “screw it” if I’m going all that way I might as well stop off in Denmark and Norway. I couldn’t get that first adventure out of my mind so, it wasn’t long before I planned a new escape again.

I’m now up to 61 countries and still have a long way to go to hit them all.

I’ve realized along the way that I am not good with organized tours or too many people on my trips. I’ve traveled to many countries alone and have met amazing people. The hardest part for me with traveling alone is eating dinner. Lol! Don’t get me wrong I’ve gone on many trips with others and have found fantastic traveling partners.

Its now 30 yrs later and the travel bug has not left me. I’m currently looking forward to seeing the rest of the world with my husband.

I hope my solo travels experiences will encourage and show you that with a little self-confidence, street smarts, and a good guide book to tag~along you can travel anywhere your heart desires.